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Our Bedroom Makeover | Part 1: The BEFORE

Our bedroom has been in desperate need of a makeover from the very beginning. When I moved in with Adam, we sold of his Ikea bedroom set and brought in mine. A bed and 2 dressers that, at the time of purchase, my parents threatened “I had to keep for the rest of my life” if he was going to spend that kind of money. I think I took their words a bit too literally. The makeshift wire shelf over top of a single bar closet system is the bane of my existence. The amount of wasted space in there is astonishing. As part of the tornado of clutter I brought into Adam’s life, we purchased an Ikea system in an attempt to contain my wardrobe. Surprisingly, it was not enough space. I usually keep a pile of clothing on my side of the bed instead.

We saved up some money and enlisted the help of an interior designer. It has been the best decision we’ve made with our apartment so far. The amazing team at Amanda Hamilton Interior Design has been such a joy to work with and has left me wondering why we didn’t just ask for help sooner.

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