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What It’s Really Like to Be an Interior Designer

In our 9–5 series, we ask boss babes what a day in their work lives entails. This week, Calgary interior designer Amanda Hamilton gives us a glimpse into her daily grind.

Age: 34

Education: Bachelor of applied interior design from Mount Royal University

Length of time at current gig: 11 years

Did you know early on that you wanted to work in this field? I actually had no idea about interior design; it was never “a thing” when I was in high school.

So what made you want to get into this industry? I had a visual arts background and interior design brought together all the things that I felt I was good at. For me, it’s taking those visual arts skills and transferring them to space. We’re dealing with the same kind of rules and things like repetition, colour, scale, and form. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to be challenged because it’s actually quite technical—much more technical than people realize.

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