Marilyn Denis Show Feb 2014

The Marilyn Denis Show | At Home | Chic Critique

Marilyn Denis Show GuestTommy Smythe and Aly Velji review a home tour, and share their thoughts, of Calgary-based interior designer Amanda Hamilton’s chic space.

Tommy’s favourite parts of the design:
I love the fireplace mantle with the marble stone. Choosing a slab with veins that looks more like art than a piece of material was really clever. I also liked the use of dark grey paint to really contrast the marble piece.

What Aly loved:
The use if colour! The beautiful scenery around the space really spoke for itself so you don’t want to overwhelm it. The subtle hints of yellow in the pillows and artwork were fantastic.

Marilyn’s thoughts:
I love the entranceway with the stone and tree; it feels very Zen and west coast! The open concept family room is great too because I could just imagine entertaining in there and being able to see what’s going on in the kitchen.


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