Montecristo February 2017

Montecristo MagazineAmanda Hamilton Interior Design

To the ocean.

Amanda Hamilton is sitting in the lounge of the Opus Hotel, enjoying a cup of herbal tea and sharing her excitement for opening an office for her interior design practise here in Vancouver. While she tries, at least a little, to restrain herself, it is nigh impossible, and she almost jumps out of her deeply cushioned seat while she talks about her Calgary-based company growing westward. “We will open in the Werklab space, which is such a great fit for us,” she says. “But down the road, maybe even a few months, we will have our own office.”

The move to Vancouver is not only about West Coast design opportunities, although that is a big part of it. “In Calgary, we rely so heavily on oil and gas,” Hamilton reflects. “Vancouver is a more diverse business atmosphere, so we can flex our creative muscles in a different way, and be able to survive the economic downturns that happen to Calgary from time to time.” In those declines, even residential projects become rarer, but commercial design work virtually disappears. So having the two offices greatly increases Hamilton’s ability to keep a constant workflow. Plus, she says, she is “absolutely in love” with the West Coast lifestyle.

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