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Ciara Leibel

Interior Designer BID

Ciara approaches interior design with equal parts analysis and artistry. With an affinity for problem solving, she embraces every project as a chance to dive in, immerse and connect all the way.

Human experiences are at the heart of every interior Ciara creates. Prior to her design career, she thrived in the world of corporate event management, which set her up to wear many hats with ease. Now, she’s letting her creativity lead while delivering solutions centred on each clients’ unique narrative. Ciara earned her Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) from Mount Royal University. She applied her stand-out work ethic from day one, earning the highest overall GPA in her program’s core courses as a first year student (that’s a 3.90, to be exact!). When Ciara isn’t creating or collaborating, you’ll find her on her latest cycling, climbing, running, hiking or travelling adventure (20 countries and counting). As a former competitive athlete, she’s always game for a challenge.

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