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A well-connected people-person, Kadie comes to AHID with a love and talent for jamming with all types of personalities in colleagues and clients alike.

This adaptability and care equips her with a talent for tailored problem-solving, and you can often find her diving deep into floor plans and layouts to suit specific individual needs. Here,, she brings incredibly adept technical skills including CAD, 3D rendering and Photoshop to empower clients with further clarity around design vision and direction. Known as the office trendsetter, Kadie brings a deep passion for fashion and travel and an understanding of what’s current to her work and all things conceptual.

As an Interior Designer, Kadie rarely shys away from choice, loving the conceptual phase of the design process most as it sets the tone for what’s to come. Since graduating from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Interior Design in 2020, Kadie has become a proud Facebook fanatic and is religiously dedicated to the pursuit of design and vintage furniture finds. Kadie is a homegrown and self-proclaimed ‘Red Deer’s biggest fan’ and takes at least one ‘vacay’ a month to visit her parents and 2 french bulldogs.

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