KIRSTY SHYIAK, Executive Assistant + Culture Champion

Kirsty KIRSTY SHYIAK, Executive Assistant + Culture ChampionShyiak

Executive Assistant + Culture Champion

With sunshine-like positivity, Kirsty provides incredible service and goes the extra mile for all those she engages with, in and out of the studio. Kirsty’s impeccable organizational and customer service skills make her a master of turning chaos into order.

Her drive to solve logistical challenges reflects in the studio’s flow, and her natural composure plays a large role in keeping all facets of the studio running smoothly. Kirsty takes pride in the growth of AHID’s company culture and team morale, leading internal initiatives and team-building events throughout the year.

Kirsty obtained her Diploma in Business Administration, specializing in Management, from SAIT in Calgary, Alberta. Kirsty enjoys getting lost in the wilderness, participating in any kind of sporting activity and honing in on her creative hobbies. A self-proclaimed road trip junkie, Kirsty’s alter ego has a deep desire for race car driving (however one should be forewarned to hold the “holy shit” handle before getting in the car with her). Kirsty lives her best life with her spouse, Ben and her overgrown, 100lb “lapdog” Bauer.

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