RACHELLE BABCOCK, Controller + Supply Chain Logistics

Rachelle Rachelle Babcock Babcock

Director of Operations + Accounts

Rachelle possesses an unwavering work ethic and an innate ability to see tasks through to completion. Her disciplined and pragmatic approach elevates the studio’s ability to implement new systems, increase efficiency and enhance the client experience.

Her role, which involves many hats, includes the day-to-day account management of the studio, maintenance of strong rapport and enduring relationships with vendors and clients and team support through solution-based guidance delivered with poise and ease. Strong organizational skills and thoughtful deliberation allow Rachelle to excel at seamless logistical management of the studio’s many projects across various markets.

A gifted vocalist and pianist, Rachelle received her Bachelor of Music from Rocky Mountain College in Calgary, Alberta. When she’s not enthusiastically crossing tasks off of her “To-Do” list, she can be found instigating a round of Rummikub. You can count on Rachelle for just about anything, including her ability to craft the perfect green tea-infused gin sour (in a vintage cut-glass coup she salvaged from Value Village, no less). Rachelle shares this thing called life with her husband, two girls and two rescue cats and her dog Beanerschnitzel.

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