Erika Keskitalo | Interior Designer

Erika Keskitalo

Interior Designer DID

Erika’s ever-growing worldly curiosities and innate connectedness bring a fresh and perceptive take to her work. With an open-minded outlook and broad-based background, her designs exude artistry with an uncommon edge.

Melding a passion for travel with a thirst for fashion and interior design, Erika took flight to study internationally at Italy’s Florence Institute of Design. Intentionally immersing herself among a crowd cut from another cloth gave Erika an unexpected perspective—that design’s intrinsic meaning is unique to the individual. With experience in many facets of design—from furnishing and styling to concepting and construction—her intuitive taste and adventurous spirit come through in practice. 

Enthusiastic about mind-opening experiences and an aficionado for all things creative, Erika fills her free time with music, art, books and the like.