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Thomasina Peters

Studio Director

Thomasina is an all-smiles administration guru. She appreciates the fine balance in grand design ideas shared by her co-workers and her hand in the behind-the-scenes logistics that help make ideas happen.

Thomasina’s deepest passion is in bringing the design together for implementation to create an impactful and memorable client experience.

Thomasina graduated from the Art Institute with a diploma in Interior Design in 2012 and draws from this experience alongside a deep hospitality background. As an out-loud thinker, talker and equally skilled listener, Thomasina loves people and their stories – and they love her right back! She’s an invested employee, avid learner and natural collaborator, encouraging the femme-led workplace she’s a crucial part of. Hailing from the Netherlands, Thomasina appreciates a good Dutch beer and the great outdoors to fuel her soul.