Alicia Winnett Bedroom Makeover

Vacouver square footage is far too valuable for it to not be working at its full potential. Each square foot precious, each room a valuable sanctum to perform its duty of work, play, creation and connection. This client’s bedroom was a place that conjured stress and anxiety, neither of the clients enjoyed being in and despite the large windows it was oppressively dark. It didn't allow either client to start their day feeling organized and inspired to tackle their mission.

The original bedroom was over-furnished, under lit and despite all that furniture, disorganized. We designed a custom closet as well as a custom open concept wardrobe. The client works in the fashion industry and as a result has an impressive collection of clothing. We worked to incorporate her collection in the design concept, which now allows her to capsule her seasonal outfits and gives a vignette for photoshoots. We kept the furniture low in profile to create a sense of volume and allow natural light to pour in without being absorbed by obstructive pieces. The palette has a light and neutral foundation with contrasting black accessories to ground the space and marry the feminine and masculine energies.

We use design as a language, which alters the clients connection to their space and expands the boundaries of its value.