Victoria Park Sub-Penthouse

Located in the sky defying Guardian Towers, the Paramount Suite sub-penthouse is located on the 39th floor of the South tower and has a two bedroom, 2.5 bath floor plan with clear views of the Rocky mountains. The most difficult consideration for this sprawling, one level floor plan is what do to with all of the square footage in order to create intimate spaces that cohesively blend together but also offer different engagement opportunities.

Given that the living space is large enough for two separate seating arrangements, we provided an inviting lounge that caters to different daily activities as well as a living room with a traditional layout that is appropriate for entertaining and features comfortable low seating that make it perfect as a media area as well. In a separate area, we’ve nestled two swivel chairs together at the window, which provide the opportunity to enjoy the view or to turn into each other for conversation and a glass of wine. Alternatively, the client may enjoy his time in a separate space - a listening area features one solo statement chair for alone time spent with records and books.

We strived to create intimate spaces that cohesively blended together but also offered different engagement opportunities.