We know that you are emotionally invested in your home and that you want a space that reflects your individual style, meets your functional needs and hits your budget. The challenge is that it can feel like there are endless decisions to make which can be time consuming and sometimes, overwhelming. In order to protect your investment in your home, you need professional interior design support – that’s where we come in! We don’t have a signature look, nor are we known for one. That’s good for you. Why? We ditch the remix-and-reapply approach to make room for thoughtful exploration and a true distillation of your aesthetic, values and lifestyle. We believe you deserve to have a stylish space and feel great about the money you’ve put into your home.

With extensive experience in the residential market, we have a deep knowledge of what it takes to complete a custom home or large-scale renovation. Within the Residential market, Amanda Hamilton Interior design works on Custom Homes, Large-Scale Renovations, Vacation Properties, Exterior Palettes, Finish + Specification Package and Furniture Procurement + Styling.

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Amanda Hamilton Interior Design

The studio of Amanda Hamilton Interior Design pairs a boutique inspired experience with proven, big-agency ambition and experience. With an intentionally diverse portfolio in several markets throughout Canada, projects range from custom homes, multi-family developments and large-scale renovations to commercial projects, notably hospitality, restaurant, health and wellness, office and retail design.
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