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Spanish for “aged”, Añejo is not just a type of tequila, it is a way of paying homage to the roots of Mexican culture. Using the term añejo to inform our design, the space was curated with an intention that it would evolve and age naturally over time with interesting decorative objects and artwork brought back from Mexico by the owners, staff, customers and lovers of Mexican decor. We wanted there to be a looseness to the space that would allow for strange and wonderful pieces to come in.

We allowed the building to speak for itself – a stunning multi-level sky lit room. We positioned the bar (the heart of the concept for the tequila tasting room) in the centre of the double story space with layers of lighting creating a glow of ambiance overhead. The vast majority of this project was negotiated in Mexico with the owners, our design team and local Mexican vendors over margaritas with our items then being shipped to Canada for installation in this lively tequila bar positioned in a landmark building.

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