Brittania Drive Residence

Located in the neighbourhood of Britannia, this custom residential property is home to a family of four with two young children. While the client’s previous custom home was quite contemporary, they opted to take a different direction and we developed a space that felt more transitional, rooted in a modern French aesthetic. This is reflected in the crown molding and trim work throughout the house, with lux features like a natural stone fireplace surround and heavy velvet draperies. Furnishings continued this direction with modern silhouettes paired with classic materials like linens and florals. Light-hearted wallpaper in ‘his’ office – a vintage looking Chinese chinoiserie meets French Country features Biggie, the Brooklyn Bridge and other curious motifs. The powder room is finished with acid coloured flowers contrasted against a custom wash basin. The dining room, dark and moody, is accented with jade green and black wallpaper with brass accents and screened partitions. This play of light, fresh + bright against more sultry spaces continues through the house but transitions seamlessly from space to space, making for a dynamic living space.
Project Type: Custom Home
Project Description: Full Scope/TurnkeyFull Scope/Turnkey – What does it all mean!? This indicates that our studio was involved in producing a full set of construction drawings, specifications for lighting, plumbing, hardware, finishes and materials, furniture and styling. We may have also picked out the towels, forks + that cute little vessel on the nightstand that caught your eye. The whole Sha-Bang. Contractor: Mairen Homes Photographer: Klassen Photography + Courtney Molyneaux
Brittania Drive Residence | Residential Interior Design Calgary
Brittania Drive Residence | Residential Interior Design Calgary
Brittania Drive Residence | Residential Interior Design Calgary
Brittania Drive Residence | Residential Interior Design Calgary

“From the moment that I spoke to Amanda, I knew I wanted her to design our home. I immediately got the sense that not only was she going to be committed to our project but would also add innovation and an inspired flare that I hadn’t been able to find from other designers. It became apparent that she would invite the chance to take risks with the design. Further, her humour and wit put me at ease about the whole process.”

Katie Chan

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