Imperial Drive Residence

Located in the neighbourhood of Britannia, this custom residential property belongs to design savvy clients who have both renovated and built homes together in the past. As such, the process was incredibly collaborative, and our biggest challenge was refining our client’s wonderfully eclectic sense of aesthetic. Their essentialist approach and love for uncluttered, simplistic spaces, was countered by eccentric embellishments and bold colour. Speaking to Scandinavian minimalism, the kitchen has graphic black oak cabinets and white quartz countertops adorned with matte black hardware and vintage-inspired brass accents. Vintage touches rooted in mid-century modern design were added throughout the house, in both the architectural features and furnishings, adding warmth against the other stark finishes. What was unearthed was a style that we endearingly refer to as “Mid-Century Scandinavian Palm Springs Art Deco Minimalism.” The studio was entrusted with the majority of the furniture package, often without approvals which allowed for a fantastic reveal. Our shared approach with the client that was both purposeful and intentional, resulted in a conversation worthy home that is reflected of our client’s quirky and individual sense of aesthetic.
Project Type: Custom Home Project Description: Full Scope/TurnkeyFull Scope/Turnkey – What does it all mean!? This indicates that our studio was involved in producing a full set of construction drawings, specifications for lighting, plumbing, hardware, finishes and materials, furniture and styling. We may have also picked out the towels, forks + that cute little vessel on the nightstand that caught your eye. The whole Sha-Bang. Contractor: Rock Creek Builders Photographer: Klassen Photography + Courtney Molyneaux

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