Montcalm Residence

We have a particular affinity towards urban homes as we see each new home-owner as another piece of a growing community that make our city rich, vibrant and connected. This client purchased land and engaged a contractor to build a single-family home in a neighborhood which has smaller lot’s with a mix of new development and wartime homes.

After the client had the experience of drowning in decisions and increasing the risk for potential mistakes without a designer engaged, our team was brought on to the project and was able to transform their experience to one rooted in education and elevated their ability to make strong decisions for their home. As such, we were able to not only do all of the finish specifications but also provide a killer lighting package, plumbing, hardware, furniture, artwork and accessories.

Project Type: Custom Home
Project Description: Renovation
Contractor: Capstone Custom Homes
Photographer: Janis Nicolay Photography + Courtney Molyneaux