Native Tongues Taqueria

Attention to detail and the colourful culture and character of Mexico is at the root of our design intent for this 1,950 square foot restaurant located in a vibrant, up-and-coming neighbourhood. Given that the restaurant is located in a newly converted commercial building, we opted to source most of our materials through locally available reclaimed salvage including doors, windows, decorative details, table tops and chairs. These elements mixed into the newer supplied goods, allows the space to look like it has been operating for years. It was important for the space to have a great attention to detail to give it integrity in authenticity without making it look contrived. As such, we constantly asked ourselves, “what would a designer do?” and generally worked to do the opposite without losing the design intent. We wanted the space to look like it evolved over time at the hands of the owner so it always holds a place in the community and never dates or becomes irrelevant.