Original Joes Kensington

Located in the vibrant community of Kensington, Calgary, this Original Joe’s lives up to its name – Original. Inspired by the notion of “Cheers” (you know, where everyone knows your name). This lively restaurant + bar is cozy enough to be your living room – but with an endless supply of libations. The design speaks to the old school rumpus room . . . a space where anything goes!

As a well known favorite amongst “good-times-lovers”, the space needed a refresh that would still appeal to regulars as well as attract new customers. Inviting, bright + down right cool, the whitewashed architectural ceilings, decorative lighting and open floor plan creates the ambiance of something vaguely familiar. The custom banquettes were created with a timeless upholstery with interesting details to keep that current feeling for many years (+ beers) to come.

Photographer: Klassen Photography + Courtney Molyneaux