Scarboro Residence

This project was a large-scale renovation for a client whom we have done many homes for. What was most beautiful about this renovation was that the client embraced the character and quirks older homes offer rather than fighting them.

This was an extensive renovation in which we re-designated space to harmonize with the family’s modern lifestyle and added an addition to house, which being a primary living space it was paramount that it did not feel dissimilar or disconnected from the original floor plan. This project embraces inner-city life and captures a beautiful balance between urban dwelling and private living.
Project Type: Custom Home
Project Description: Full Scope/TurnkeyFull Scope/Turnkey – What does it all mean!? This indicates that our studio was involved in producing a full set of construction drawings, specifications for lighting, plumbing, hardware, finishes and materials, furniture and styling. We may have also picked out the towels, forks + that cute little vessel on the nightstand that caught your eye. The whole Sha-Bang.
Contractor: Capstone Custom Homes
Photographer: Janis Nicolay Photography + Courtney Molyneaux